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At this time we prefer payment by credit card because this will give you instant access to the awards you've purchased. We use a card payment facility that follows the new 3D Secure (3DS) protocol with strong customer authentication (SCA), so please ensure you complete your details correctly, including the address the card is registered to. Once payment has been approved, you can go straight to the Award Dashboard - it's as easy as that to start your award journey! 

If you go for Gold, you'll complete all eight benchmarks. If you opt for Silver, you'll choose four benchmarks to focus on.

Yes. Once you have purchased Silver, you must achieve Silver accreditation before moving on to Gold. 

You can then purchase Progress to Gold and this will add the remaining four benchmarks to your account.

Benchmarks set out the standards of good practice that make up each award. 

Intentions offer a range of targeted suggestions and activities that will help you create impact within the identified benchmark.

There are six intentions within each benchmark. You need to choose three intentions for your school to complete.  

Impact is a change, outcome or effect that is the result of the actions or interventions you have put in place.

Impact isn’t about introducing or changing something in your school: impact is the effect that those changes have. 

You can start your award journey at any time in the school year. School Impact Awards have been designed to be as flexible as you want them to be. They are achievable in one to two terms but there is no time limit for you to complete the process.

It can actually be beneficial to have all the resources to hand at anytime as the award benchmarks are standards of best practice, and with the award resources you can plan ahead and incorporate the suggestions and activities you need to create the most impact! 

School Impact Awards have been designed to be compact and manageable. You need only supply evidence that supports the impact you've identified, and to complete only two forms, one at the beginning (what you plan to do) and one at the end (the impact you've identified).


Validation meetings take place online via Zoom. The duration of validation meetings varies according to whether you are doing Silver or Gold. 

  • Gold Award: 50 minutes 
  • Silver Award: 30 minutes.


Accredited schools receive a digital award badge, a school award certificate and an award coordinator certificate.

Yes. Your account will remain open and accessible for as long as the accreditation remains valid. 

All awards are valid for two years from the date of accreditation.